My 30 Seconds or So of Fame …

Television - guys cheering“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”  

Andy Warhol

So I might as well enjoy it while it lasts, right?

I recently participated in a panel discussion around blogging for business with several other very accomplished folks from our area.   The show recently aired on All About Business St. Louis (AAB)    

As with any television experience, I cringe  a little when I see myself on the screen, but feel that a good amount of useful statements about blogging and business from our group “made the cut” from a much larger amount of film shot.  

My co-participants were thoughtful, articulate, and very business-oriented … the energy in the room was easily sensed and the wisdom shared from these very accomplished professionals is solid.

You can find an archived copy of Episode 51 on YouTube or on the AAB website.

Television - bored guyPlease feel free to comment, critique, argue about, or make fun of my small role. 

After all, it’s just TVSmile

Amanda and the crew at All About Business St. Louis (AAB) deserve a big round of applause.  They do at least three things really well:

1)  AAB makes the process of shooting video footage a really enjoyable and stress-free activity. 

2)  AAB folks are magicians at changing diverse content into a cohesive, informative and useful production.

3) AAB focuses on the St. Louis area and business-related topics, highlighting local people, activities, and events that otherwise might go unsung.

Check out their website … you might be surprised what you find about business life here in the Heartland.

Preparing for the autograph–seeking hordes to descend in the Heartland ….


6 thoughts on “My 30 Seconds or So of Fame …

  1. John, it says a lot the of all of the business people and of all the bloggers in St. Louis, you were chosen to be on the panel. As my friend Dale stated, there are likely more quarter hours in your future.


    • Thanks, Dave

      Of course, I might have just been the 384th person they asked and one of the first ones who could scoot up to the studio:)

      Seriously, appreciate your good wishes and support.



  2. It is awesome to have these kinds of experiences. I have been fortunate to have had a few bouts of ’15 minutes of fame.’ It’s a great feeling. You did very well, here, John. Congratulations, and keep up the great work. I see many more quarter hours in your future.


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