About Your Social Media Presence …

Not that size is everything …

It’s just rather important when it comes to establishing and growing your presence and connections.

DreamGrow publishes a monthly report on market share for the Top Ten Social Networking sites.   I pay attention to this information and so should you. 

Only interesting in business networking?

Great … now where do you think much of the business networking is happening these days?

Not to take anything away from solid traditional “meet and greet” networking, but it seems increasingly important to have and nurture your online presence.  Your next customer, client, or collaborator is as likely to be “out there” somewhere, than walking in the door.

Here’s the line-up straight from the January 2013 report.   While this may be only of passing interest to the hobbyists among us, those who are trying to establish or grow their online presence will find some interesting factoids in the full report.

Market Share of Visits [January 2013]:

  • Facebook 61.82.54% (+)
  • Youtube 21.33% (-)
  • Twitter 1.85% (-)
  • Pinterest 1.22% (+)
  • Yahoo! Answers 0,90% (+)
  • Google+ 0,73% (+)
  • LinkedIn 0,83% (+)
  • Tagged 0,55% (+)
  • Instagram 0,37% (-)
  • Tumblr 0,34% (-)

Some of these are moving up the list and some are moving down, but all have significant reach.   This is not about which one wins the race to the top of the anthill, but about which is important for your business.

Look at each site and consider how it may fit your current or future business profile …

For example, if you are real visual, look to Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.   Especially for the “little guy”, these sites have leveled the playing field.   The aspiring photographer no longer needs to be employed at Magnum or stringing for National Geographic.

Look at the sites you are currently active on and consider how you can enhance your presence …

If you provide a tangible product or commercial service, think about Facebook and LinkedIn.  Both provide opportunities to connect, from which comes business opportunities.  As someone has surely said “Go sell your stuff where the customers are.

Consider the sites on which you have no presence and ask yourself whether this is OK or an opportunity …

Every site does not provide opportunities for every venture or person.   It’s okay not to be everywhere.

As a consideration, think about what you can realistically offer in terms of time and energy.   This does not mean you get to say “I just don’t have time for all that social stuff”.   Make clear-headed business decisions about where your attention and effort need to go.

You are absolutely right that you cannot do it all. 

So you better be absolutely sure that you are doing it in the right places.

I would add more comments about the value of social networking online, but I have a traditional F2F networking appointment to prepare for later this morning  Smile.

Working the room both online AND at a coffee shop in the Heartland ….