Snow Showers … Update

Snow Showers update


Continuing my obsession with local weather and including some really poor logical reasoning …

Apparently whining about things sometimes causes things to change … tell me this is not clearly an example of cause and effect.

Earlier today I noted the apparent lack of honest snow in the weather and look what we have now.

I complained and things changed … what could be better evidence of correlation and causation?

Well, maybe not … but I still feel pretty smug.

We often see links which do not actually exist.

Maybe we want to feel in control of things or just want to think that everything we do matters.

Sometimes the connections appear very clear, but at other times they are murky.   Click here to read  Why Do People Say That Correlation Does Not Mean Causation, a much more useful discussion of correlation and causation than you will find here on the “Weather Channel.”

For background, see my earlier post Where I shamelessly complain about snow showers today. 

Still feeling rather powerful in the Heartland ….



5 thoughts on “Snow Showers … Update

  1. John, as always, I do things backwards; more successfully and true to myself. I read the other two articles that you referenced just now. I love the following excerpt from your earlier post; it amazes me.

    Snow is white, cold, and covers the ground …
    Rain is wet, warmer, and has a different sound …
    This weather is not the work of a serious artist …

    In part, because my dear friend was a fine artist, completing his MFA and a showing of his artwork while studying the art of natural healing and spirituality within the year preceding his death at 40 years-of-age; however, he also possessed a sense of the absurd beyond imagination. He frequently reinvented himself both in personal fashion and convoluted pursuits. Thank you for bringing back memories as now I have documented them.
    No longer procrastinating in the Pacific Northwest and thanking you ~~~


    • Hi again:)

      Thanks for the kind words … this one just sort of came to me. Very much of an “in the moment” post.

      Your friend sounds very cool. I’m sure you miss him, but you have some transcendent memories to cherish as well.



  2. John, I am a firm believer in whatever it is. My son was very young when I received a call that my best friend passed away. We traveled to visit him a few months earlier knowing what to expect; he said he would keep in touch with big boots & arrows 🙂

    I did not want my son to be upset by the news so I explained and suggested that we ask him to make it snow … my husband eloquently said, “There is not a chance in hell that is going to happen” … we ignored him and continued to talk with our friend.

    We woke up the next morning to a beautiful layer of snow covering everything. We smiled all day knowing that we communicated with him; the next morning as the snow was melting, I watched the drops fall from the trees, and tears graced my pillow as I remembered this sensitive powerful man and his influence in life and death. Yes, I am a firm believer in the power of change.


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