More Inspiration Around “Inspired People Produce Results”

Inspired 3“Passion can change your life! At work, your intense enthusiasm for a new venture will spread to others and make it seem possible. Instead of longing for the end of the day, you may start wishing that the day was longer.”

Can you imagine the difference in most workplaces if this were an accurate description of the daily workplace environment? 

I have been fortunate enough to work in several such places over the years.  I have been unfortunate enough to have worked in environments where this is neither the culture or the goal.  

Passionate is better …

“When passion is one of your leadership priorities, you will soon find yourself working with an inspired team.”

If you make passion important, passion will become important to those who follow you.

In his own words, here is a summary of Jeremy “Insights for Inspiration—and Results”, which is the first chapter of Inspired People Produce Results by Jeremy Kingsley:

Most workers do not feel passionate about their
jobs or inspired by their bosses. To inspire your
staff members, you must show them your passion.

To infuse passion, explain the story and vision
behind your project.

Give your team members opportunities to try and
discover new things. Help them find the best uses
of their talents.

Celebrate victories. Point out the progress your
people make.

Mix humility with passion to inspire loyalty.

Feeling even more inspired and passionate about leadership in the Heartland ….


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Disclaimer:   Did NOT receive a copy of this book to review.  Spending my own hard-earned coin to help me grow in my ability to inspire others.