An Hour …

Work to Do - Books“An hour of real energetic effort can do more to produce a cheerful frame of mind than a month spent fretting about all there is to be done.”


A very good message for a Monday morning …

Why not do your hour now?

I think the term “fretting” is very appropriate here.  Fretting seems to indicate a relatively low level of worrying.  We are not engaged in full-blown This one is so obvious that little need exists to explain the point.   We all tend to worry sometimes, but some of us consider it to be a full time job and plug away at “fretting” with the passion of a true artist.

Take that stack of books on my desk … PleaseSmile

I could be quite dismayed by the reality that this is only a partial stack for the month of March.  More titles have yet to arrive.

I could put myself into a real funk by considering all the work of reading, reflecting, writing, and publishing that this stack represents.

I could “sweeten” the mix by adding all the other things that I have to do in that same time frame, including preparing for and teaching classes, leading meetings, sharing, planning, and maintaining, cleaning and washing, and so on.

… and then there’s the family to which I happily owe some of my upcoming time.

Or I could just start reading books …

What about you?

What could you be doing now instead of fretting?

Settling down to work on a cold morning in the Heartland ….