Perfect Shoes …

“Finding something to read that fits your taste perfectly is as challenging as finding the perfect pair of shoes.”

Don’t know who said this

Reading GlassesI spend a fair amount of time reading books …

I have always been a reader, although I cannot claim to have always been an intelligent or particularly thoughtful reader.

It’s both a job for which I am paid and an activity which I enjoy. 

The type of books I read has both changed at times based on my current interests and stayed remarkably consistent in some ways.  

I have always enjoyed academic text books … go figure.

Think about what you read …

What does your choice of reading material reflect about you as a person?  How does what you value or desire in life emerge if one were to look at your library?

How does reading influence the rest of your life?  What changes for you after reading a book?

What one book has had the greatest affect on who you now are?   Please explainSmile

Desiring greatly to hunker down with a good psychology or sociology book in the Heartland …