And So It Starts … Suicide Gnats and All

February ice storm 1As I opened the door, the cold struck me full in the face … dang, it’s chilly out here …

After a second or two, I realized that I was not hearing the soft pelting blanket sound of wet snowflakes gently covering the ground.

This was like a swarm of suicide gnats hurling themselves  into the ground and the house, sacrificing themselves at full speed for some vague spiritual reason, of which I can only guess.

… then I noticed the stiff little wind that had just picked up.

When the weather shapes up like this, nothing that follows will be good.  It will not take much accumulation to be very “not safe for travel” out there in St. Louis, Missouri, or around the Midwest.

Stay safe, fellow travelers …

Hunkering down and staying inside and warm in the Heartland ….



3 thoughts on “And So It Starts … Suicide Gnats and All

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    • Stay warm and safe:)

      I think the whole middle of the country is getting slammed with this, so we are having one of those “everyone’s in the same boat” moments. Just wish mine had a big-screen TV and a little more in the pantry:)



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