Back to the Future …

FutureWhen it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people:

Those who let it happen

Those who make it happen

… and those who wonder what happened.”

John M. Richardson

Well, what do you think?

Can we group everyone so neatly into one of these categories?

Can you tell which category is the “best” one?  Why?

Is making things happen always the most effective option?

What does this say about the role of “Observer”, which is how some of our great art and music comes about?

How much of the above is due to choice and how much is due to circumstance and coincidence?

Just thinking out loud after laughing at the saying in the Heartland ….




One thought on “Back to the Future …

  1. We all, at some point in time fit into one of those categories. We are no machines. We are dynamic individuals, defying the encumbrance of sameness. How boring to be always ‘making things happen’ or ‘watching things happen’. Sometimes it’s good to reflect on ‘what happened’.

    Good perspective, John.


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