Ten Rules for Blogging Success …

Computer and Guy

Rule 1:  Do NOT believe anyone who tells you that blogging can only be successful if you follow 10 rules …

Rules  2 through 10:  Repeat Rule Number 1 as often as you need to …


Now if I were making suggestions …

     Find your voice … and exercise it.

     Write about what you care about.

     Do not keep score.

     Do proofread and review.

Engage with others who are doing              the same thing. 

    Reflect on what happens.

    Enjoy the ride.

 Any questions?

 Feeling rather liberated in the Heartland ….


2 thoughts on “Ten Rules for Blogging Success …

  1. The plight if the employed writer. Having to write about things that are foreign to you and making it appealing to the reader as though it were your passion. This is why we blog. So we can artistically present our authentic self. Writing bliss. And there is too little time for it.


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