I’m Up For A Test Drive … How About You?

Bookish Screen Shot

Feeling a little Bookish this morning …

Bookish.com is a new site for bibliophiles which specializes in the growing eBook business … and you know who you are.

Digital Book World has a somewhat mixed review of Bookish … you can read it HERE.   Time will tell, but I’ve registered just to see what all the fuss is about.  Stay tuned for updates.

I grew up with print books and value them above much else in my life.  However, as the market has changed, I find a growing number of titles lodged solely on the free Kindle reader living on my beaten up old laptop or on my battery-sucking “stupidphone“.

I review books for several groups.  I am increasingly given the option to review eBook versions of book titles and sometimes I bite.  Not always sure why …

Whether we like them or not, the eBook business is booming.  The top book seller say so.  Amazon reports a 70% increase in sales of eBooks and notes it could have been even higher if not for a critical shortage of their hardware reader.

Pirating eBooks is apparently a growing problem.  Teleread thinks that people download eBooks without paying for them for three distinct reasons.   They also strongly feel that those who pirate are probably not reading all those pirated books, either.

Just In:  Teleread has more Bookish Impressions about the potential rise or fall of this site.

I guess the argument that taking something without paying for it does not carry as much weight in this post-modern, digital, and online world.

Much happening in the book world, especially the part which focuses on eBooks.

So what about you …?

Do you download and read eBooks?  

Do you prefer eBooks to print books?    

Why or why not?  

Wondering if I will ever have time to read all the eBooks I own in the Heartland ….