The Power of Images …

Nugyen Van Lem DeathFebruary 1, 1968, Saigon

General Nguyen Ngoc Loan summarily executes Nguyen Van Lem on a Saigon street on the second day of the Tet Offensive.  One of the remarkable things about this action is that it occurred in full view of AP photographer Eddie Adams and NBC television cameraman Vo Suu.

You can find the details that led to this act HERE and, I’m sure, in other places.   I will leave the discussion of whether this action was justified or a war crime to others.

My interest is in this picture and the effect it had …

At that time, I was in college and being torn between my childhood desire to become a soldier and the growing anti-war movement on campuses and throughout our society.

Search and Destroy PDMany of my high school classmates had already served in Vietnam and several did not return home.   

This picture had a terrific effect on the anti-war movement, giving it renewed energy and spirit.

The war, of course, would twist its way through another painful seven plus years before coming to an ignominious close.

What images can you share which have had similar impacts on public opinion and spurred people to action?

Remembering some times and some people long past in the Heartland …