The Future May Be … Or Not:)

Crystal Ball“The trouble with our times is that the future isn’t what it used to be.” 

Attributed to French poet Paul Valéry and others, including Steve Jobs

Now that you mention it, Steve, has the  future ever been what we expected?

We create futures in our minds from when we are small children, but the realities that come to us seldom fit nicely into the dreams that we spin.

How does this tendency to imagine tomorrow and our place in it as we live through today, then affect our perception of tomorrow, when IT becomes today?

… or does any of this even matter?

“Things have never been more like the way they are today in history.”
— Dwight David Eisenhower

“Things are more like they are now than they have ever been.”
— Former President Gerald Ford 

“The future will be better tomorrow.”
— Dan Quayle

Tiptoeing quietly away from these last quotes in the Heartland … John

The last round of quotes are courtesy of – specifically their Goofy Government Quotes page, which is a real treasure:).