Cooking Up Excellence in Three Parts …

Fresh Food

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.”

Julia Child

I’m not much of a cook, but I can follow a recipe …

Ms. Child has given us a very clear and useful recipe, and it probably makes sense when you are preparing food as well.

Not Fancy or Complicated

Some folks feel that a complex or intricate business solution is worth more.   

The more formal education the person has, the more likely they are to want to bring all that knowledge to bear on what might be a quite simple little issue.

Complex presentations impress many people.  Sometimes we appear impressed when we are just reluctant to say “I don’t understand this.”

Notice that Ms. Child did NOT say “plain” or “tasteless“.

Fresh Ingredients

For cooks, this means going to the market and buying wisely … for most of us, this means three things:

1)  Change the mix of people who participate in the process.

2)  Limit or end our veneration of what has been and what is.

3) Encourage creative thinking by nurturing environments where people value, reward, and act on creative thinking.

Good Food

One person’s delightful and tasty dish is another’s slop.

In business, the solution has to work not for everyone and every organization, but for the one to whom the problem exists … and my solution might look and feel quite different than yours.

How do you define “Good Food”?

Now … how do you define “Good Business”?

Ready to cook up something delicious?

Feeling strangely and suddenly very hungry in the Heartland ….