Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around Something …

Yellow RibbonOn this date in 1981, just after the inauguration of Ronald Reagan.  52 American hostages officially came home to end a 444-day period of captivity that bled the presidency of James E. Carter.

We went crazy with yellow ribbons to mark the occasion. 

“Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree”.  

We also made a super hit out of a rather bouncy, but ultimately silly ditty by Tony Orlando and tDawn about an ex-convict and life after prison. Never mind that most of us cannot tell an oak tree from an elm or maple:)

The story does have strong elements of faithfulness, redemption, and forgiveness.

Go ahead and click the title above to hear it again … you know you want to.

That Yellow Ribbon has some other meanings … some of which have special significance to me.

Armor Branch InsigniaYellow is the official color of the Armor branch of the U. S. Army.  I, along with countless others, proudly wore the insignia shown to the left.

Yellow also figures prominently in another, older song with a rather long title by George A. Norton written in 1917.   ‘Round Her Neck She Wears a Yeller Ribbon” (For Her Lover Who Is Far, Far Away) included these original lyrics:

‘Round her neck she wears a yeller ribbon,
She wears it in winter and the summer so they say,
If you ask her “Why the decoration?”
She’ll say “It’s fur my lover who is fur, fur away.

Personally I like this song, even the modernized versions made popular through films like “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon” and many performers though the years.

The history of the yellow ribbon or marker dates back centuries.   Read more here.

Now go tie a yellow ribbon around something to remember all those soldiers who are not yet home in the Heartland ….