See What Happens … When You Want to Thrive!

Thrive!  Collage

Thrive!  An Interactive Journal to Inspire Spiritual Growth

by Linda Pulley Freeman

DAY FOUR:  “What Do You See”?

Today was all about vision … specifically creating a Vision Collage.  Using the words from Revelation 22:  1-5, we begin to create a vision of our future.

In a stroke of insight which I would not have had, Linda Freeman suggests we use Pinterest as the base for creating a visual image of what we value and who we are already telling the world we are, as well as forming the vision for what we want to become.

My DRAFT Vision Collage is above … slightly edited:)

Here’s what I learned doing this:

1)  Creating a visual college is tremendously enjoyable work.

2)  I was pleasantly surprised by what I had somewhat randomly collected on Pinterest already. However,  I was not thinking about future.

3)  My Pinterest profile includes a variety of things, from very serious to very whimsical, from very complex to very simple.

4)  I have nothing on Pinterest about my family, which is a significant part of who I am and who I will be.

5)  The past influences me more than I realized.  Icons of the Sixties and Seventies share space with today’s hot thingies.

6)  Some of these images will speak to most or many.   Others speak only to me.  In one case, to me and one snack-loving granddaughter:)

7) Few techie toys or material things, but plenty of thought-provoking and challenging books, films, and events.

Bottom Line:   I love what I see, but I am now challenged to create a more intentional Vision Collage.

This is the power of a simple once-a-day structured process to change, to grow, and to become who you are truly capable of being.

… And this was just one day of a 40-day program:)

Check out the Thrive Journal blog or visit the Thrive Journal Facebook page for much more.

Starting to thrive in the Heartland ….


Pastor Linda Freeman has written an interactive journal to help you go from surviving to thriving in 2013. THRIVE! An Interactive Journal to Inspire Spiritual Growth will be officially launched on January 20, 2013, and will be available at bookstores nationwide and on Amazon


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