Is There A Problem Here? I Hope So …

ProblemsYou see a problem …

You fix the problem …

No problem …

         So what’s the problem?

Problems vary quite a bit, but maybe the problem is:

When you fix someone else’s problems without involving them, they do not know there was a problem.

When you fix someone else’s problems by showing them but not teaching them, they do not know how to fix it themselves.

When the problem you fix is not the real problem, but only a symptom of a deeper problem.

When you fixing the problem creates another problem.

When what you call “fixing” the problem is just a fancy way to avoid dealing with  the problem.

When you fix a problem that exists only in your perception.  

When you are so happy to fix problems that you create them just so you can fix them.

I have a problem with these possibilities.  What did I get wrong and what did I miss?

What’s YOUR problem?

Hopefully causing problems for someone in the Heartland ….


2 thoughts on “Is There A Problem Here? I Hope So …

  1. John – as always – your passion to be of service inspires me! This post reminds me of many familiar sayings . . .
    1) teach a person to fish . . .
    2) lead a horse to water . . .
    and many more!
    Given my notion that problems are teachers, the question turns to, ‘what kind of student am I?”


    • Hi, Soul

      Hope all is well with you …

      Dang, you noticed that my “original thinking” is mostly hashed over wisdom from someone else … my secret is exposed:).

      Your last comment also puts the real focus exactly where it ought to be … on each of us.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!



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