“I’m Popeye, The Sailor Man … Toot, Toot!” … Nostalgia Break

Popeye PD still

Popeye debuts in “Thimble Theater“, a multiframe cartoon in 1929.  

Popeye did not swear, at least not by today’s standards …

He was unfailingly polite, especially to women and little children …

Always ate his favorite vegetable …

Olive Oyl PD

Bluto PDPainfully faithful to his girl, Olive Oyl, even when she was not so faithful in return …

Fought for right and goodness against the dark forces (usually Bluto)…

Popeye was a distinctly American hero, who fed the imagination of countless little boys and young men, who would later fight during World War II.

Today’s cartoons are edgier, probably better drawn, and certainly cover a wider range of human and non-human behavior … but sometimes I just want to hear I Yam What I Yam and That’s All What I Yam one more time:)

Feeling very nostalgic in the Heartland ….


Images are from an animated cartoon titled “Little Swee’ Pea” produced in 1936 and are in the public domain.

3 thoughts on ““I’m Popeye, The Sailor Man … Toot, Toot!” … Nostalgia Break

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  2. It was a simpler and, in many ways, gentler world:). Of course, the pre-WWII Popeye and the 1950-60’s Popeye are worlds apart, literally.

    Thanks for commenting, Rick. Hope things are well in Billerica:)


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