“Clear Your Desks And Take Out A Clean Sheet of Paper … ” ~ 10 Rules for Surviving Life’s Pop Quizzes.

Pop Quiz

“Life’s not a final, it’s daily pop quizzes.”

I do not know who first said this, but they are dead-on correct in their observation.

When I am teaching, I sometimes say “Here’s a pop quiz …” to introduce a question about some aspect of the subject being discussed.  I can usually count on a general and negative response, as I watch the eyes widen and feel the pulse rates quicken.


I do not actually give pop quizzes … however, I do enjoy the reaction, knowing that whatever I say next will be seen as less threatening:)

Most of us have alarming memories of pop tests from our school days.  How did my teachers always seem to know which days I was not ready?   Had not done the reading, did not understand it if I read it, or maybe I just plain did not feel optimal.  

Any one of these put me and my classmates in the danger zone, while two or more of the above pretty much guaranteed an unscheduled in-class test.

You would think those experiences would have prepared me better for adult life, but nooooo ….

I have found that the same rules apply with life quizzes as the ones I used to survive school quizzes:

1)  Do NOT panic – just get prepared.

2)  Take a deep breath before beginning.

3)  Answer one question at a time.

4)  If I don’t know the answer, try to reason it out.

5)  If nothing comes of (4), move on to the next question or issue.

6)  Come back and complete as many questions as possible.

7)  ALWAYS check your work before submitting.

8)  Remember to always put your name on your work.

9)  After the quiz is over, relax a little and enjoy the survival flush.

10)  When you find out how you did, learn from the mistakes, remember what you need to, and roll on … another test is coming like a freight train.

That’s the thing to remember about life … it’s not one grade on one cumulative final examination covering every aspect of your life.   It’s a long series of smaller quizzes, some more important than others, which jointly make up your overall grade.

Just remember to keep your average up ….

Trying to prepare for whatever quiz is lurking just beyond my view in the Heartland ….