3 Reasons to Celebrate National Trivia Day on January 4 …

Trivial Pursuit PiesAs if we needed another holiday now …

Did you know …?

I enjoy trivia and have been known to spend hours reading exotic lists of information which has little or nothing to do with my work, my family, or my life.  

I don’t particularly like the word “trivia”, since the connotation is something of no value.n Originally, the Latin term “trivia” meant  “grammar, logic and rhetoric“, all of which are essential for a person to be truly considered educated.

Nowadays, many of us seem to focus only on knowledge related to what we do for a living and knowledge of our passions (hobbies and recreational interests).   Trivial knowledge is much broader in scope.

If we only know what we need to know, we really do not know very much, do we? 

I know that …!

I have happily participated in trivia nights and thoroughly enjoyed these experiences.   I enjoy the feeling of figuring out the answer to some question that just does not come up during the workday or the instant gratification of being able to say “I know this one”:)

Why bother …?

I present three rationales for this life-long habit.  The first reason may be personal to me only, but the other two pay dividends for anyone who appreciates and acts on them :

1)  It’s fun:)

Learning things is just fun, in my experience.   Learning things is fascinating to me.  I learn some trivial facts simply because I find them interesting or thought-provoking.  

When I learn something unusual or arcane about a subject, I may be moved to learn more about that subject.  I may also think about similar issues, situations, or topics.   Who know where a train of thought might lead one?

Maybe the ability of trivia to spark other thoughts is the real value here.

2)  It helps me refresh my mental capabilities.

Learning is a skill and you can increase your ability to learn just as you increase muscle tone or build physical endurance.   Practice, practice, practice … reading, reflecting on, and retaining trivial knowledge, combined with the ability to recall that knowledge at an opportune or proper time, will help you stay mentally alert and enrich your daily life.  

Being equipped to learn well is one of the critical skills that makes some people more successful than others.   Practice on the inane, so you can carry out the essential.

3)  Every once in a while, trivial information becomes useful.

Think McGyver, when apparently inconsequential information saves lives and solves problems.   Sometimes, simply knowing how one substance interacts with another might make all the difference.

We also “do not know what we do not know.”   Until I starting researching National Trivia Day, I did not know about the dominance of African American jockeys in the ranks of Kentucky Derby winners.  Knowing this adds a welcome bit of information to my knowledge of our rich and diverse history.

So raise your glasses high to celebrate the worth of trivial knowledge. Then go visit one of these sites and get trivial ..

119 Amazing Facts About National Trivia Day via Mentalfloss This may well be the ultimate trivia site.   Myriads of odd facts – do not click unless you have some time to spend.

Happy National Trivia Day via Examiner.com   More interesting and relatively useless knowledge, along with a dandy list of suggestions for celebrating this auspicious occasion.

The Ultimate Holiday Site via Hallmark – Your source for all those trivial holidays that most people happily live without celebrating or even being aware of.

Being extremely trivial today and loving it in the Heartland ….