“Buzzwords” …

Pinwheel Fun

I love a good list, but I could hear myself screaming “Nooooooo!” as I skimmed this collection …

Buzzwords 2013 by Mashable

For example:

Number 1 is “Advertainment“.   My first response was to recall “Edutainment“, another buzzword very popular a few years back to describe what trainers and teachers did to engage learners.  It was based on a solid idea … education can and should be enjoyable for learners.

It went a little over the line with the emphasis on “having fun“.  

A local grocery chain has an online survey which I regularly complete, since I shop there often and would like a big gift certificate.   Their last question is something like “What could we have done to make this shopping experience more fun for you?

Here’s the gist of my usual response:

Nothing.   I do not need my shopping experience to be ‘fun’.  I want my shopping experience to involve finding good quality products easily and at reasonable prices, and to complete my purchases quickly and correctly with minimal fuss and problem.”

Nothing in there about having fun while I do all this.

Maybe that’s the problem I now have with buzzwords.   They so often try so hard to say something hip or what marketing folks want us to want … and that’s not necessary.

By the way, read nothing negative about Mashable into this post.  I value and enjoy their work … just not this little piece.

What’s wrong with just saying “advertise” and “entertain and even “educate” as appropriate?  Those who are professional will still ensure that people are engaged, because they understand the value of doing so.

Feeling a tad feisty on the first work day of the new year in the Heartland ….