A Day of Days …

File:JRR Tolkien signature - from Commons.svg

Way back when I was a father with young children still at home, I had numerous occasions to act as storyteller, to weave tales of magic and mystery for spellbound little ones …

This wore me out and I only had to tell a five or six minute bedtime story usually.

When I was first introduced to the rich world of Middle Earth and all the fantastical creatures which roamed its reaches, I was amazed at the sheer imagination of this universe.

As I have grown in my knowledge of just how detailed and complete a vision was created to make this alternative world live, I have simply grown more and more impressed.

How delightful to live in a time when the work of J. R. R. Tolkien is recognized in print and on the screen.   I’ll leave the quibbling about accuracy and details to others.

My thought is simple:   On this anniversary of the day you were born, I am thankful to have experienced your work and to have helped pass it on to younger generations.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tolkien:)

Celebrating an intellect without much peer in the Heartland ….