New Year Montage

Well, here we are … Happy 2013!

Almost  … Only three things left to do:

1)  Let go of whatever happened, did not happen, or did not go like you wanted it to in 2012.

2) Reflect on how you conducted your business, your relationships, and your life in 2012.

3)  Identify the changes you need to make and take concrete steps to make those changes happen in 2013.  

Note the complete lack of complex decision-making models, structure, or intricate analysis – just think about what was, consider what you want to be, and make it so … after all, you’ve got the rest of your life:)  

Oh, yeah … one bonus thing to do:

Enjoy a very pleasant, relaxing, and safe New Year’s celebration in whatever fashion seems best.  

Be with or contact those you care about, enjoy the momentary pause before the show starts back up, and be at peace, even if it’s only for a little while.  

Thinking, planning, and sipping coffee while the snow swirls slowly down in the Heartland ….



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