About Stones, Rolling and Otherwise …

Stones“The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way you use them.”

Source;  Anonymous, but perceptive

I like this analogy… it’s simple, visual, and has more truth in it than we like to admit.  

A dominant person, devoted to getting the job done at any cost, and totally focused on outcomes, may become a great and admired leader or be feared as a tyrant.  

A person who enjoys being with others and engages with a variety of people in efforts to get to know them may either establish strong and deep emotional bonds or be viewed as a superficial butterfly.  

The quiet person who asks penetrating questions to help others deal with issues can be thought of as a trusted confidante or as an unsettling presence.  

The person who focuses on the structure and boundaries of the job can either be regarded as the one who will “keep us on track” or as the roadblock to quick and decisive action.  

Ultimately we all have the seeds for possible greatness inside us.  Some combination of these preferences exist.  How we use them is everything.  

How do you influence others to do things?  

How do you build relationships?  

What comes of your attempts to help others?  

How do you work within limits?

In other words, are you stumbling or are you stepping?

The rocks are in a pile.   You will decide how you use them.

Taking a good look at where my foot is about to go in the Heartland ….