Anniversary of The Original “App” ~ Poor Richard’s Almanac

1739 Edition of Poor Richard's Almanac

1739 Edition of Poor Richard’s Almanac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Imagine a periodical where you could access your calendar, the weather forecasts, poetry, stories, astrological facts, and much more all in one place? Poor Richard’s Almanac was kind of like the 18th-century iPhone. On this day in 1732, Benjamin Franklin released his famous pseudonym and annual publication to the American colonies. Fame, fortune, and a revolution would follow for Ben. Thanks to the legacy of this publication, we all know what an early bedtime and early rise can yield a man.”

Description from Mental Floss

… and we are so enamored of our “smart” phones on which we can do so much, but rarely just make a telephone call:)

I have fond memories of growing up on a farm and using almanacs much like bibles.   Maybe this is why I still like going to books for my information, even though our online apps can do so much.

Thinking about a simpler age in the Heartland ….