“Can, Should, Will” ~ 3 Step Change Decision Model

FutureAs 2012 ends and 2013 begins, we merrily careen toward the great resolution and planning period.

So here are a few simple questions about those grand plans we are all busy making …

Can We Do It?

Do we have enough funds to support attempting to do this?

Does our current structure and tangible resources support our attempt to do this?

Are our people, including me, prepared or able to be prepared to attempt this?  

The realities of life dictate that we first look at what we are currently capable of doing and use that as a measure for attempting a change.  If nothing else, you’ll at least discover what you need to fix or build up.

Should We Do It?

Will our organization benefit from attempting to do this?

Is this an ethical and logical choice of direction to go?

Will we be proud that we attempted to do this?  

Consider the potential benefits of doing something and project the gain, which might be monetary, market share, image, or something else.  

Then consider whether what you are contemplating is the right thing to do.  In my world, this is one of the deal-breaker questions.  Regardless of gain, the goal has to be the right one, in the fullest sense of that term.

Will We Do It?

Are we motivated to attempt to do this?

Do we have the emotional and psychological strength to attempt it?

Do we really want to do it? 

Wanting is different from being motivated.  I can be very motivated by the threat of a loss or some other negative outcome, but when I want to do something, other issues tend to fall into place.  

As someone has undoubtably said … “Ya gotta Wanna!”  

Carefully considering my abilities, my options, and my interest in the Heartland ….