Boxing Day …

Christmas Boxes

Boxing Day

It’s one of those “lesser” holidays with various descriptions, a lack of agreement about what it is exactly or even where the name comes from.  Check out Wikipedia for a rousing discussion.

The general idea is to offer gifts for those who serve you on the day after Christmas.   This includes servants, tradespeople, and others, including the needy.  Imagine a very English traditional holiday with wassail, mistletoe, a gigantic tree, lots of merriment, food, drink, and enjoyment for your comfortable upper middle class family … and then handing out small tokens on the day after your annual family affair.

At least that’s what some theories about the origins of Boxing Day bring to this mind.

Methinks a good idea is hiding somewhere in this hazy notion.

What if our giving to others happened the day after Christmas?   

I don’t mean the family and close friends type of giving that should rightfully remain part of Christmas eve and day… I”m talking about our charitable giving.  Most of us have extra time off this week … how could we use that time?  

Box up your old clothes and give to a worthy cause … recycle your slightly used toys, appliances, and doodads … give what you have received to someone else.

Make a cash contribution to some group that you know does good work … choose wisely and do your research, but give to make a difference.

Visit your neighbors and get to know them a little better … who knows what needs might be made known to you?

Volunteer to do something worthwhile for someone else, instead of hitting the malls … give someone else the luxury of time off, help them get somewhere, or do something for them they cannot do themselves.

Give the gift of time to those around you … by listening, talking, and sharing.

Well, that’s my half-baked list of possibilities. 

What can you offer to add to the list?

Thinking about what to do next in the Heartland ….


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  1. When I was a kid, I thought Boxing Day had to do with doing something with all the boxes from the Christmas presents the day before. Or, that it was a big day for watching boxing on TV. 🙂

    And, I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the “Blog of the Year” Award. To see the nomination, visit the post:

    I hope you have a wonderful new year, John!
    ~ Sandy


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