Festivus! December 23 Has Never Been the Same …

Jerry Stiller reading Festivus“Created by a Seinfeld writer’s father and popularized by Frank Costanza, this secular holiday that involves gathering around an aluminum pole and airing your grievances has continued to gain a following since its introduction in 1997.”

Visit the how to celebrate Festivus website and test your Festivus knowledge with this quiz.

 “Festivus For The Rest of Us” is the ultimate YouTube video – All you ever need to know about this great alternative holiday.

Embracing a really inclusive holiday in the Heartland ….


Image: Jerry Stiller in New York City for a book reading for ”Festivus” Source = http://flickr.com/photos/smoothdude/66061537/November 18, 2005 bt Daniel Krieger (SmoothDude) at http://flickr.com/photos/smoothdude/

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