“Narnia For Adults!” … Now there’s a hook …

Space Trilogy - C S Lewis  - NASANot usually into blatant promotion … I much prefer the subtle ways … whatever…

C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy special e-book offer

Dive into C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy—Narnia for adults!—with this special e-book offer. Today until January 8th, all three titles are $1.99 each!.

This appears to be a great deal on some excellent reads from one of the masters, if you like your stories spiritual and engaging.   The enhanced e-version concept fascinates me and I believe we will see much more of this with classic titles.

When I read C. S. Lewis, I am usually challenged in terms of my leadership style, communication skills, and spiritual maturity.  While his stories are imaginative, they are also some of the most down-to-earth reading out there.  

Three valid choices here:


If you have already read these titles, why not revisit and see what new insights they offer?


If you have read and did not enjoy these books, why not give them another chance?  After all, you are older and wiser now:)


If you have read and enjoyed them, why not treat yourself once again?  Go ahead, gift yourself … you know you want to:)

Who knows?   You might just end up doing all three.

Click the link above for details.  by the way, I earn absolutely nothing if you buy.  You will not be supporting my left-wing wacko causes and I remain blissfully uncontaminated by commercial ends.


Taking my own advice in the Heartland ….


Image courtesy of NASA who apparently had some time on their hands in 2011.