3 Thoughts About the Sources of Inspiration …

Sparkler“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.”

Johann Gottfried Von Herder

NOW he tells us …

Inspiration is one of those words I have heard throughout my work life.   Sometimes  it’s used as though inspiration were some magical moment.  Other times, the word is used like inspiration were a mechanical process, where you follow the steps and arrive at the goal.

Inspiration is often tied with that sense of urgency which many of us think fuels our ability to do.   Just wait for that deadline to loom and our brain goes into overdrive.  

I find three things that help me be open to inspiration.  Since I belief firmly that inspiration comes from my internal processes and nt from external sources, I choose not to expand on these three … I’ll let you do that …


1)  I pay attention … to everything.


2)  I do not over-focus on what appears to be the focus or the topic.


3)  I look everywhere with a questioning and reflective mind.


Well, those are my thoughts about how to become inspired.  Notice the general nature of these behaviors and attitudes.

But enough about me …How do YOU find inspiration?

Brimming over with possibilities just because I am open to them in the Heartland ….


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