Are You Wandering or Are You Traveling?

Suitcase“The difference between wandering and traveling is that you can wander with no particular purpose, but you travel to fill the greatest desires of your heart and soul.”

Source:  Unknown

Sounds like travel as defined above is the better choice. Well, maybe, maybe not …

Wandering can free us …

You can set out with no particular goals or expectations in mind, open to what comes down the road, and completely free to change direction, go somewhere or leave somewhere when you choose.

You might stumble across your heart’s desire or something magical that you did not dream existed.

You might also find yourself at the end of a life where you never quite experienced anything of value or worth.

Traveling can exhaust us …

You set out with goals and aspirations, steadily moving toward those things you want.   Each step is carefully planned to move you toward that to which you aspire.   When plans go awry or obstacles arise, you carefully recalculate and adjust your plans.  

You never stop moving toward that which you want.  This takes energy, but at the end of your life, you might find that you have worked hard to achieve that which you desired.  

You might also feel a tinge of regret for what might have been.

Both wandering and traveling can provide benefits … maybe the best way forward is to do some of both. 

Knowing where you are going is good, but so is letting chance take you to other places as well.

Making sure my travel plans include a few off-route adventures in the Heartland ….


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