Music Hath Charms … Maybe

Music Montage 1“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music. “

Billy Joel

Okay, I will buy that we all enjoy music … I know I certainty do:)

However, do we all enjoy the same kinds of music?  Methinks not.

Music Montage 2As Mr. Joel states above, “everyone loves music”, and with the exception of a few outliers who apparently get no joy from rhythm and sounds, this is probably true.  However, the inference here is that music is some type of leveling influence or a bridge across the gaps of generation, culture, beliefs, and status.

I’m not so sure …

I see no bridges being built between those with an affinity for classic Sixties rock, country folk, and jazzed-up blues and those who prefer hard rap, metal music, or sugar pop.  

Music Montage 3I recognize another’s right to create, listen to, and enjoy their choice for music, but I do not normally feel closer to another whose musical tastes varies so significantly from mine.  

I see the same “no man’s man” between country and urban, between gospel and hard rock, and so on.

Now, forget music …

Does enjoying wildly different versions of the same thing bring us closer together.     Easy examples include the enjoyment of reading, or clothes that are fashionable.   What I read, someone else might not touch, and my taste in clothing may put a bounce i my step as I strut down the street, but make someone else feel a certain distaste.

Do our differences bring us closer together or pull us farther apart?

Don’t forget to plug your favorite type of tunes as you respond:)

Creating a great playlist of my favorite types of songs in the Heartland ….