The Annual Outpouring …

How the Grinch Stole Christmas book cover

We were talking about Christmas this morning …

Actually we were talking about the holiday season in the context of dissecting  “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, that classic tale of little hearts, happy Whos, and a green being that changes through the magic of the holiday season.

One of the recurring themes in our discussion was the impact of our expectations on our own holiday experience.

Christmas Past

Some waxed eloquently for remembered times from their youth or earlier years, of Christmases when men of good faith stood together, families were intact and happy, and nobody was in need.   Norman Rockwwell images danced in our heads as we considered these idealized and glowing Christmases.   Sometimes the memories were even real.

In our memories, everyone gets exactly what they want for Christmas and it always snows on Christmas eve.

Christmas Present

Others considered the extreme commercialization of Christmas Present, from jam-packed mall parking lots to the eternal quest for the best or at least most presents at a bargain price.  

We talked about the increased giving at this time of year and wondered why it takes a holiday season to make this so, when the needs are so evident all year round.

We talked about the difficulty of feeling truly blessed when so many are not.

Christmas Future

A few talked about Christmas Future, when things are better than they currently are and more of our wishes and hopes can be fulfilled.   Everyone will be together and happy, without want or need, without pain or challenge, at least for the one magical night of Christmas.

We noted the difference between what we envision for Christmas and what we often experience instead.

How do you approach the coming holiday season?

What is the difference between what we hope for and what we experience?

Why does this matter?

Trying to understand the real meaning of Christmas in the Heartland ….


Reference Notes:
 A note:  I am using Christmas language, but I would include other faith and cultural celebrations that occur at year’s end.   Most of us celebrate in various fashion during this time.  I mean not to be exclusive.
We were using the 1966 animated special, NOT the 2000Jim Carrey live-action film version – that would require another whole series of blog posts to decipher.