Execupundit Nails It …

Michael Wade blogs as Execupundit and  is a Daily “Gotta Read” for me  …

I am reproducing a stellar list from one of his recent posts, because I have nothing to add to this excellent set of thoughts and just want to share it with the world.  

If you find value in these, go visit Michael’s blog Execupundit and sign up  for a subscription.  You will not regret it … ever.

From Michael’s November 27 post:

 By the time childhood has passed, you should know:

  • The smartest people can be dumb.
  • The dumbest people can have wisdom.
  • Deciding when to say nothing is a major life skill.
  • You want to hear the other side of an argument.
  • Not everyone who smiles is a friend.
  • It is important to read between the lines.
  • It pays to be alert.
  • Doing your homework makes a big difference.
  • The best way to get punched is to look like a victim.
  • When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right.
  • Many bad things can happen because of a lack of patience.
  • The big talkers are rarely the big producers.
  • There are some places where it’s best not to linger.
  • Experience matters.
  • The world does not accommodate itself to you.

Enjoying the wisdom of a true master in the Heartland ….