Why Are We Doing This Again …? Cyber Monday, November 26, 2012

Okay, Thanksgiving and Black Friday I get …

A traditional holiday celebration of what we have … followed by massive retail promotions the next day or at least late that day to remind us of what we do not yet have.  

At least historically, Black Friday makes sense, because the stores were definitely not open on Thanksgiving Day itself.   Early Black Friday Weekend Sales reports from 2012 show that we continue to honor this “tradition” of spending tons of money in a very short period in pursuit of questionable savings.  

Now we have Cyber Monday – our new tradition of spending more money on things we do not really need.

One simple question for you today:  

Aside from the retailers declaring this Cyber Monday, what reason exists to create a special day online, which is open for business every second of every minute of every hour of every day …?

Take your time reflecting on this one … I’ll be sipping m coffee and browsing the bargains online while I wait for you to get the punchline.

Just asking simple questions and waiting for answers in the Heartland ….


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