Winning Without A Score …

“Often the best way to win is to forget to keep score.”

~~ Mariane Espinosa Murphy

We keep score in a number of interesting ways, don’t we?

I won’t even touch our personal relationships, but think about our work and related issues.  Here’s some obvious ways we keep score:

How much we make in our paycheck.  We pretend like that is not dependent on market forces, geography, and social strata, as much as due to innate talent and abilities.  It’s a mix, but we are less responsible for the size of our individual paychecks than we think.

The relative size of work space, amount of privacy, and quality of our accommodations.  Bigger and quieter is better, apparently.  Even in the non-profit environment, these visible caste markers exist.  Size and details matter, sometimes more than dollars, although that is actually what is being represented.

What and who we have access to in our workplaces and in our industries.  We pay attention to who appears to have influence, “klout”, the boss’s ear, a personal pipeline, or simply can say “I know people …”.   A gatekeeper (AKA secretary, personal assistant  “gofer”, and so on) can keep score based on how much power he or she has to stop you or to get you in.

How many people are required to respond to our communications, directions, and decisions.   “Span of control” is just like gold on the shoulders in the Army.  The more people we are responsible for, the higher our score.  This is often completely unrelated to our success at being responsible for those folks.

What we do with what we make.   Some outward signs of our scorecard outside the office include cars, clothes, travel, entertainment, and that big old house with lawn and pool.  You can fill in here with whatever you choose to spend money on to impress others … for me, old-fashioned printed books and arcane software are what I flaunt.

Monday Morning Questions:

Where would your thoughts take YOU about how you keep score?

Where would they go if you did not have to worry about keeping score?

Toting up my numbers in the Heartland ….