Reflections on a Reflection …

It is a beautiful, cool September morning, just like before …

I did not know if I would add my voice to the many others who have already marked the significance of this day in so many different ways.   Then I saw this picture.

This will come out less organized than usual, because that’s the way I feel today.

I do not always agree with those who see this day in militaristic or power-based terms.   Yes, violence happened and has resulted in much more violence, including an armed conflict that does not end, but simply morphs and changes.   Soldiers, male and female, continue to serve in difficult and dangerous places.  Bin Laden’s death was a great psychological victory, but that has not changed the ongoing multi-faceted wars that our country is fighting.

I do not always agree with those who talk about the national security aspect, especially when the talk moves toward trading freedoms for safety.  That does not seem in keeping with what my father and other older veterans taught me by their example of sacrifice for the common good.  I don’t think allowing the government to exert more and more control over our lives was what they had in mind.

I do agree that we need to remember the sacrifices of ordinary citizens swept up in that day.   The true mark of courage is when you are called to act without warning and to do so in the face of death, violence, and uncertainty.  The first respondents, the rescue and recovery crews who came later,  and those who volunteered to fight those wars deserve our respect and support with a lot more than a few parades and bumper stickers.

Maybe this is why I like this particular image.  No flag-waving or other easy and superficial patriotism, just a very impacting picture which reminds us all of what we have lost.  The towers are not just buildings, they really represent what was taken from us on that other beautiful and cool September morning.

So let’s remember, not just for those who died or were injured, not just for the loss of innocence, or the ongoing uncertainty, but because this is a shared event … September 11 touched us all, not in the same way perhaps, but we are all moving together through a changed world since that day.

I find comfort when we do so with a sense of unity and togetherness ….

Remembering in the Heartland ….


PHOTO CREDIT:  I saw this on Facebook posted by Vine Street Christian Church.  I do not know whether they created it or are simply sharing this powerful image.