Labor Day 2012 …

Happy Labor Day🙂

This is an interesting American holiday.  It’s roots lie in social and economic unrest, and the first time we celebrated Labor Day, the “celebrants” were sort of mad about their working conditions.   

The first Labor Day was a particularly boisterous event – “Labor Daze – Pride, Chaos and Kegs on Labor’s First ‘Day’.   Apparently the post-parade party was much better attended than the actual parade – some things do not change.

We even still argue about who actually created the day.   Even better, the original idea might have come from Canada:)

Trivia fans, rejoice:  Labor in our country has a rich and varied history – read all about it at Labor Day History.

When all the shouting is done and the last beer drank, many of us will return to work on Tuesday.

Then what …?

Unemployment or underemployment will still dominate the lives of many Americans …

The psychological and social gap between those who manage and those who do not will still be there …

Income inequality will still be a point of disagreement for us …

The value of an “honest day’s work” will still be questionable in many people’s minds …

What should we be doing to create a healthier and more equitable work environment?

Think about your little piece of the American dream or consider the globalized view of work … all thoughts welcome.

Thinking about how I work and what I do in the Heartland ….