“And a slow healing began” … Emjay Writes

And a slow healing began.

Emjay (Well, that’s how she spells it:) is one of my favorite writers, especially on things relating to the country.  Her post today is a good example of why I enjoy reading her blog.  Click the link above to read.

If you grew up on a farm or in a rural community, you already know what’s coming …

If you grew up in a city or urban environment, then read and consider how this might speak to you …

If you have had the good fortune to experience the best of country living and city life, just enjoy some good writing …

Wishing I could go back to the farm sometimes in the Heartland ….


1 thought on ““And a slow healing began” … Emjay Writes

  1. Thank you, John, for your link to me and for all of your kind comments on my blog. I feel so very fortunate to have had the rural childhood that I did … a life with baby everythings, plenty of room to run and explore, and the opportunity to learn, experience and grow. Going home again always leaves me a little wistful, so the fact that you “get” it means so very much.
    Thanks again,


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