Know Yourself, Know Others …

“To let your deeper self be born, to go toward yourself, that is the first step towards others.  For too often, we are a stranger to ourselves.  It is that other person in us, the true self, that we must make welcome.”

Martin Gray

When I facilitate groups, I sometimes use a DiSC profile, which measures their personal behavioral preferences around a four quadrant model, with variations based on the relative strengths of different combinations.  

People alway enjoy learning about the general characteristics of their own profile and that of others.    “It really nailed me”, “I knew you would come out that way”, and similar comments abound.  Great fun is had by all, most of the time.

When we start talking about how each person’s personal behavioral preferences sometimes get in the way of effective communication, most agree, but also fall silent.   Now we are talking about changing behaviors and that is not as much fun.

The DiSC profile and similar instruments are most valuable when used in light of statements like the one above.   When we know ourselves, we can begin  to know others.  As this learning occurs, our ability to interact on a higher level should also increase.

At least, that’s the theory …:)

What is your experience with this?

Wondering why I do the things I do in the Heartland ….