Very Inspiring Part 2 …

Well, I have spent part of the last week considering the “Pay It Forward” part of this award.

To accept the award, I am now given the opportunity to nominate ten other blogs which I feel deserve this recognition.

I know of many more than ten blogs which provide consistently positive, challenging, and thought-provoking content.   This is a true test of my ability to narrow the list down.

Here are my first five  nominations in no particular order or arrangement:

Mirth and Motivation – Elizabeth Obih-Frank

EOF is a gentle and prolific spirit.  She also pumps out Positive Kismet.  She has traveled and lived in various spots around the globe and this broad background is reflected in her warm regard for us human beings in all our various guises.

EOF considers the infinite variety of human life and finds the common threads, those things which bind us together and not those which tear us apart.

She is a true believer in the power of positive motivation.  EOF’s byline is “Ask. Believe. Receive.”.  What more do I need to say:)

Cultural Offering ~ Kurt Harden

Kurt is one of those eclectic folks and his daily offerings are like getting a box of wrapped candy in the mail.    He does focus on culture, but it’s not the ephemeral silliness that we are assaulted by with the steady stream of rock stars, divas, and athletes, often behaving badly.  

Kurt has a sharp eye for the little oddities and curiosities of our lives and he knows how to spark our interest, as we all move through our days.

Kurt shares the deeper cultural aspects of our times and I always enjoy his offerings.  He’s also a real person ~ approachable and down-to-earth.  Very visual and very musical.

Shrinking The Camel ~ J. B. Wood

As they say “I knew him before he was somebody”:)  I’ve followed this blog when it was written by Bradley J. Moore, which was actually a pseudonym for J. B Wood, a very accomplished businessperson.  No dreamy-eyed visionary, J. B. has walked the walk in the halls of corporate America and experienced great success in that environment.  

With that corporate background and business acumen, you would expect a more hard-nosed approach.  You would be surprised.

J. B. understands that our work lives can be better than we let them be.  The title of his new book says it all:  At Work As It Is In Heaven:  25 Ways to Re-imagine the Spiritual Purpose of Your Life


MJ is one thoughtful, sensitive, and funny person.  She writes because she has to, about life, relationships, from a perspective that is clearly feminine, but also speaks to our larger commonality.

She talks about walking in the grass, cooking a meal, working with others, and moving into a new relationship with her mother on consecutive days.  At first, I was confused by how she moves from one topic to another seemingly unconnected.   Now I realize she writes about life exactly as we live it … messy, sometimes random, and a delightful mix of the miraculous and the mundane.

MJ can make me laugh, cry, think, and decide … all in one well-crafted post.   She writes with thoughtfulness and sensitivity about life, including some parts that most of us shy away from or try to ignore.

Weaving Influence ~ Becky Robinson

Becky Robinson is a multi-threat person:  She blogs, she markets, she manages, she has created a solid on-line presence through her words and projects.  Becky is high-energy, intelligent, and has a solid respect for the really important things in life.

Becky blogs about everyday events and often uses her children, family, and friends as the main actors.  In a few words and a few minutes (no more than 12, if you can believe that:), Becky creates heart-warming and lively vignettes.

The business and branding lessons usually take me completely by surprise.  This woman understands how to function in today’s world.

Part 3 (five more fascinating bloggers) is coming soon.

Again, thanks to David Kanigan ~ to be inspired, visit his blog “Lead.Learn.Live”.

Still feeling very pleased by this honor in the Heartland …


4 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Part 2 …

  1. Thank you not only for the honor you’ve bestowed on me but for introducing me to your blog & the others you’ve highlighted here. I think that’s my favorite part of the blogging community — the sincere sharing and kind camaraderie of most … wonderful! Thanks again 🙂



  2. Congratulations on your award and well deserved… WoW!!! Thank you for the mention too. I am so touched by your words and kindness, and this is truly a wonderful gift and surprise to me. Thank you so much! 🙂


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