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I clicked on this link out of idle curiosity, expecting to see some really gross manual labor positions, or some generally repugnant job, like “Politician”.  If nothing else, sanitation worker or bathroom janitor would seem likely candidates.

I did not expect to see “Teacher” (no. 3), “Nurse“(no. 2) and a number of jobs which included the words “Supervisor“, “Manager” or “Director” (Nos. 6, 7,8.9,10).

These are the type of jobs that we are currently mourning the loss of in our workplaces.  Positions that require some investment in education and are in the white-collar level, reflecting adequate pay and benefits.

A sample from number 3 (Teachers) in THE 10 UNHAPPIEST JOBS IN AMERICA:

CareerBliss’ chief executive Heidi Golledge told Smith: “CareerBliss has found through our research that teachers appear to be quite happy with their work and their co-workers. However, the rewards for their work, lack of support and lack of opportunities to be promoted counteract many of the good parts of the job.”

I find this list unacceptable …

No job should be on this list … Yes, I know … I’m engaging in “pie in the sky” unrealistic thinking … blah, blah, blah.

We spend most of our adult lives working at some job.  Some would say that it’s just in the nature of work for some jobs to be undesirable.  Maybe so, but one person’s “undesirable” job may be someone else’s “great” or at least “okay” job.

We owe it to ourselves, all of us, to make everyone’s jobs at least acceptable, whether we have that job or we interact with that job.  

If you were feeling pretty good because your specific job was not listed, listen up.  This is not about winning some job lottery where your choice turns out better than someone else’s.  This is about making our workplaces more pleasant and more productive.

If teachers in general are unhappy, then some responsibility falls on school administrators, board members, the public, and students for that situation. 

If managers are unhappy, those who are managed and those who manage others who manage, along with those who own, need to consider the value of their contributions.

When any group is unhappy, part of what causes that are those others groups with which they interact.  Customer Service Representatives do not operate in a vacuum … they deal with the public.

Bottom Line:  We are all partners in the Wonderful World of Work, as one of my mentors used to wryly describe the workplace.   We owe it to ourselves to make the partnership as positive as possible.

Remember, we sin by commission AND by omission …

I have no specific solutions to offer here.  Any thoughts?

Considering my involvement through doing and not doing in the Heartland ….


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