3 Considerations About Not Knowing Your Mind …

Background:  “Spoken by the character Proteus, the Prime Minister in a satirical play about political philosophies. The quote is preceded by, “If you all start quarrelling and scolding and bawling, which is just what he wants you to do, it will end in his having his own way as usual, because one man that has a mind…” The “he” that is referenced here is the King in the play.”

Well, as clear a leadership dictum as I’ve seen lately.

Do not let your emotions drive you …

Emotions are powerful sensations and at times, they are the decisive factor in completing a task or successfully managing a challenge.  Sometimes, they get in the way of clear and calm thinking.

If your passion is so strong, you can think of nothing else, you are no longer in control of yourself or the situation.  You are riding your passion, which decides when, where, and how you will act.

If you aspire to leadership, you have to lead.  Letting your emotion lead you is not a good situation, especially  when others have already given in to their emotions of fear or anger.

Know what you want to do …

The ability to think on your feet is a wonderful thing.  Some have the ability to do this and effectively carry the day, whether they can close a sale, give a speech, or just deal with a cranky co-worker.

However, I’m willing to bet my rice bowl that those apparently “off-the-cuff” performances are based on a great deal of earlier preparation, thoughtful study and learning, and an overall plan.  The preparation, learning, and planning give one the ability to adjust and move with the flow of things, because they are well-equipped to be flexible and the overall goal is always in focus.

I once startled someone who was profusely complimenting me on my laid-back and stress-free facilitation style by saying “You know, every single thing I do and say during these groups has a specific outcome in mind.”

I just make it look spontaneous.

Do not consider the numbers of opponents, but only their resolve …

I’m not just talking about how many bayonets pointed at you here.

Yes, sometimes the issue is that many align on the opposite side of an issue and you feel very lonely on your side.

Sometimes, the weight is not people, but consequences, or cost, or some other measurable factor.  You might think “How I can do this when so much relies on all that.”

Sometimes you are called to be a “Majority of One”:

“To become a ‘majority of one’ is to replace reliance on numbers of those holding a point of view, by the single depth of commitment of one.”

Remember, strength does not come from weight of numbers, but from weight of belief.  Just make sure that what you believe in is worth the committment.

Considering what I really am willing to go it alone for and against whatever odds in the Heartland  …