I Don’t Believe It … Part 3

MYTH #3:  For People To Change, They First Need to Trust the Change Agent

Well, this one is interesting …

How often have we heard that trust is at the very core of business relationships, social relationships, and a good marriage?  If your experience is anything like mine has been, the answer is “A whole lot”.

“Trust will come if the right strategies are put in place and if the experience of getting people to acquire those strategies justifies trust”

An interesting corollary to this is the idea that we do not have to first win the hearts and minds of people to have change, we just have to get them to change.  In other words

“You can achieve desired outcomes without initial trust, even if you force change.”

Of course, the word “initial” is very key here.  People can be made to do things because you have authority to make them do those things, you can either reward or punish them in the process, and because they may not feel like they have any choice in the matter.

You have to establish trust ~ the variable here is when trust-building occurs.

As people build skills, they become more confident.  They trust themselves to handle the dynamics of change.  

See, it’s not about trusting YOU,

it’s about trusting THEMSELVES:)

Deciding who and how I trust in the Heartland….


Reut Schwartz-Hebron of the Key Change Institute discusses five myths in her recently published book  “The Art and Science of Changing People Who Don’t Want to Change”. 
This post is number 3 in a short series based on this great new resource for those of us who work with people and change.  Click on the titles to read Part 1 and Part 2.

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