Being Irritated . . .

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
Carl Jung

I hate Carl Jung  . . . he’s such a smarty-pants.

If I understand . . . what really bugs me is ME? 

Sigh . . .  I do so enjoy a good rant against the absurdities and aggravations of the world, especially when I can pin said absurdities and aggravations on someone or something in particular.

Well, three things which aggravate me might include:

1)  Students who refuse to learn and change.

Maybe this is just another example of my goals and motivations not being simply transferable to others.   Learning comes easily for me and I enjoy it.  I admit I have a hard time really understanding why someone else can’t easily see what I see and do what I do, especially when it would result in a higher grade.

Maybe I’m expecting the wrong things from them.  My goals are not their goals.

2)  Life which is not fair (read as “I want the money and fame some other folks have)

Well, why shouldn’t I be jealous and frustrated?  I work hard, play by the rules, and want success . . . but others seem to get all the good stuff, often without working hard, playing by the rules, and seeming to not care.  I want life to be fair and things to work right, at least as I think they should work.

Hmmm, again I wonder if I’m putting my aspiration and desires on someone else who has different ones.

Of course, there is also that little thing about life NOT being fair – reality sucks sometimes, especially when reality does not reflect what you want it to reflect.

3)  Change that keeps coming even when I’m ready to kick back in a pure state of relaxation with no worries.

Well, based on my earlier learning above, I guess this is both another example of “Life Ain’t Fair” combined with a significant aspect of reality – change is constant.  That’s quite a twosome to deal with . . . but I see no way around either.

I want things to stop or at least slow down, because I want to relax.  My desires have no connection to how the universe works.

I must once again admit that the problem is not the event but how I am reacting to it.

Curse you, Carl Gustav . . .  this idea that we can learn about ourselves by analyzing what aggravates us appears to have some legs.   Knowledge is a pain.   Once I know what I have to do, then I have no excuse to not do it, which really aggravates me . . . and here we go again:)

Possibly enjoying sweet aggravation for the last time in the Heartland . . .