When TED Talks, Everyone Listens . . . I Hope

File:TED wordmark.svg

I love intelligent presentations by passionate people on interesting topics  . . . especially easily digestible short ones done exquisitely well;)

TEDTalks are. . .

. . . Brain candy for intellectuals.

. . . Chocolate for the terminally curious.

. . . Pistachios for NCIS fans.

Have I made myself clear yet?  You will enjoy the experience and learn valuable information about things you do not even know you care about yet.

TEDTalks are simply one of the great uses of your time . . .

Do not be concerned whether the specific topic is one of your current “things”

Forget about whether you have ever heard of the presenter before.

Consider how much time you spend listening to or watching times that ARE simply time-fillers (AKA time-killers) every day.

Now, whether you are a long-standing TEDTalks fan or have never heard of them before today, decide to use the link below to find out just how large, diverse, and fascinating our world can be.

I guarantee your time will be well spent and I bet ya find something useful through this experience too:)

20 Most Watched TEDTalk videos

Note:  Wikipedia assures me that the TEDTAlk logo is in the public domain.  Gosh, I hope they are right.

Settling in for some quality screen time on a soggy morning in the Heartland . . .