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Taking some time for a weekend of reflection and planning around my past, current, and future participation in online life.

I’ll be back next week.

Kicking back in the Heartland ….


Recalculating Route …

A few years ago, getting somewhere was a more complicated task …

I remember the military planning with which I used to approach family vacations.  After all, my personal well-being depended on the level of certainty with which I could deliver everyone in our nuclear family safely, quickly, and correctly to our destination of choice.

We often made our decisions about where to go based on nothing more than a pretty brochure or advertisement, a friend’s recommendation, or some mystical quest to “see the sights”.

To actually reach your planned destination, you had to know where you were going ~ The exact street address or the exact name of the place.

Then you had to find someone who knew where that destination was … and accurately record their verbal instructions for how best to reach it.

… or you could try to unfold a map, find your current position, decipher the codes used to represent places and routes, and trace your way from here to there and back again. Continue reading

Scenes From a Company Cafeteria . . .

The Company’s Strategic Planning Process Revealed

The company president strides into the mandatory Town Hall meeting in the corporate cafeteria with a look of Determination and Positivism.

The employees in the room, acutely conscious that other employees were deemed too essential to have time for this mid-afternoon Town Hall meeting, are politely attentive and curious about what is to be announced.

 . . .  Aaannnddd “Action”!

We have a problem.  We need to Do Something.” (dramatic pause while looking around the room.  Audience has no clue how to respond.)

Therefore, I have directed that we will form a Committee.”   (Pause for applause – scattered response) Continue reading