“Creating Good From a Bad Situation” .. via Espirational

Bob and Rogene point the way to a better place

… and we would do well to listen and reflect on their words.

Poignant and nicely stated essay on what really matters … not about achieving business success or becoming a great leader, but this little story tells us much of value about living well:)

On Espirational:  Creating Good From a Bad Situation.

The most impressive students I had over my 30 years of teaching were…

The most impressive students I had over my 30 years of teaching were….

via David Kanigan. who consistently shares interesting and thought-provoking observations by himself and others, as well as a nifty collection of Caleb the Camel pics:)

I will have more to say on this in a bit …


35 and Counting …

John and Shah Newly Wed with border

My wife would correct me … we met 38 years ago and she counts it all:) …

So today is one long date:)  I’ll be back tomorrow.  

In the meanwhile, feel free to make snarky comments about my hair (less) and body weight (more) to entertain yourselves:)

Celebrating one very good decision in the Heartland …. John


The Last Words …

A somber reminder of two very important things:

The evil that some of us do to others of us …

The importance of how and what we speak to others …

Not your normal “Go Get ‘Em” Monday morning message, but I believe this might be useful to keep in mind as you move through your day, your week, and your life.

We spend much of our time focusing on communication skills.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that communication is not just what you say, but how and when you say it.

Trying to remember to say the right thing at the right time in the Heartland ….


“5 Ways You Can Spend Quality Time with Your Family Today” via The Intentional Employee -

Family on BeachThe Intentional Employee blog (AKA Bert Purdy) has only one flaw that I am aware of … the guy does not post nearly often enough.

For an example of why I would like to see more posts from this source, click below:

5 Ways You Can Spend Quality Time with Your Family Today

Just in time for your weekend planning:)