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Onion“I am always looking for that nuance, that moment of truth, and you can’t really do that fast.”

Our lives are full of nuances … which we do not always recognize … I have lately been made more aware of how many people approach life’s interactions without understanding the complexities represented by my words below.

The workplace, the home, the country, and the world are darker and more cruel places because of this.

Being a police officer is a job.  Being a young person is a life event.
They are not comparable things.

A leader who takes care of their people is popular, while a leader who achieves a vision is revered.   

An extra few seconds can last a lifetime … or the blink of an eye.

A ten-second conversation can create, strengthen, or destroy a relationship.  Choose your words carefully.

The liar looks straight at you, because their intentions are more important than your emotions. The honest person looks away as they speak, because they know the impact their words will have on you.   Both speak not just with their  lips, but also with their eyes.

He who fights for you and yours is a hero.    He who fights for the others is a villain. Their behaviors are judged accordingly.

24 hours to a child is an eternity.  24 hours to an adult is a short time.   24 hours to an older person is a gift.

The one who breaks their gaze after a brief moment is suspected, while the one who holds it too long is feared.

Sometimes an extra dash of seasoning makes all the difference.

Our view of a thing is dependent on our views of everything … our lives, our experiences, our beliefs, our attitudes, our values, our pain.  

Not sure I completely agree with the leading quote … nuance does not equal truth, but it does equal reality.  We all construct our own reality, based on our perceptions of how things are and how they should be.  

Nuance  points out the variations and possibilities.

Wondering why thinking critically is such an elusive goal in the Heartland ….






Reading The Paper? …


Post DispatchI did something different yesterday …

For decades, since I was a young guy, reading a daily paper has been a habit in which I have delighted.

Sitting down with a new paper and a fresh cup of coffee was how I began my day.

I learned about world and local news, was challenged to think beyond my perceptions, and even enjoyed some great cartoon strips and word games over the year.

This was part of who I was and how I rolled.

Of course, eventually I entered the online world and over time, the daily paper became less of a delight and more of a distraction.

I got used to getting my news, my thinking challenges, and my entertainment from a screen, a website, or a constantly scrolling list of email messages.  We cancelled our daily paper subscription … no time and less inclination to seek out the tangible news of the day.

However, I found myself with a few minutes on my hands while waiting for my car repairs to be complete and, instead of pulling out my smart phone or powering up the iPad, I just picked up the St. Louis Post Dispatch, an old friend who I had been neglecting for some years now.

I found a blend of news from around the world and up the street, including some human interest articles which I missed with all my online news stream.  Many of my favorite comic strips were present to greet me and I found that, like old friends, catching up with the flow of events was quick, easy, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Leo HoroscopeFor whatever reasons, I choose to share my horoscope for yesterday, which waxes eloquently about my ability to wax eloquent, which may or may not be true.

I was rather disappointed when my sojourn was interrupted by the cashier who announced that I was ready to rejoin my world in progress.

… makes me wonder:

What else am I missing from times past?

Not the imagined better, simpler, and more peaceful times, because we tend to remember things as better than they were.

Not the lack of modern conveniences.  I like my slick, electronic doodads and distractions too much to go back to rotary dials and rabbit ears on the television, to say nothing of outdoor plumbing or cars that pour pollutants into the air.

I am thinking about rituals and practices that added pleasure and learning to my life on a daily basis …

What about you?   What did you used to do that brought you value and pleasure?

What stops you from doing it now?

Now what REALLY stops you from reclaiming your rituals and practices?

Having quite the time actually reading an actual paper in the Heartland ….


On Reclaiming Things …

Warning:  The following video will take about 8 minutes of your life  … not counting possibly many extra hours spent listening to all the other cuts by each of these talented groups and individuals.

Maybe it’s because I used to sing with abandon, when I was much younger and less sensitive to the criticism of others or creating very high standards for myself.  

I used to sing just because I enjoying singing …

Do you remember things you used to do that are no longer part of your life, because of other’s words or your own perfectionism?

It might be singing, or dancing, or dabbling in paint … or maybe it’s something entirely different.

May be time to reclaim something once lost …

At the very least, I hope you just sit back, listen, and enjoy some talented singing, with nary an instrument in sight, other than a number of well-trained and talented human voices.


Disclaimer:  I pay Peter Hollens (The Pirate Guy) a few bucks every time he puts out a new video, so if you really want to hurt me, just become a fan and demand more, more, more …

What the heck … taking the rest of the evening off and maybe even warbling a tune or two in the Heartland ….


The Prayer In The Ritual

Here’s a link to my post over at Searching Sophia’s Pocket about the power of ritual:  The Prayer In The Ritual.

If you are not already aware of this thoughtful and thought-provoking blog by Autumn and Jenna … well, now you are, so no excuses …

Enjoying a little break from my own rituals in the Heartland ….



From the Lead Change Group | “What Is Your Change Thesis?”

Time WarpJon Mertz is always worth listening to when he talks about leadership and change, and his recent post for the Lead Change Group provides a good example of why we should all do so.  In this post Jon does three things quite nicely:

1)  . . . clearly describes the “change whiplash” injury that we sometimes inflict on those who work in organizations where change is welcome.

We move from one change initiative to another, never allowing any one direction to really work for us, endlessly changing our focus to the Next Big Thing.  This is seldom productive and usually destructive of energy, motivation, and talent.

2)  . . . provides a clear alternative to the mindless pursuit of change by describing the need for a “Change Thesis”.

I had never thought of simply spelling out the ground rules and direction for change in and of itself.  This is a liberating concept and one I hope gains traction with leaders everywhere.

Jon clearly notes that change is a constant in our lives.  Many have written about the need to manage change from a dizzying array of perspectives, but this is the first I have read where someone identified the need to do a little meta-thinking about change.

3) . . .  specifies the essential elements of the Change Thesis.

Useful and clear ideas about what to include in a good change thesis.  In these short statements are a wealth of solid leadership wisdom and good advice based on real life experience.

It’s one thing to see and state the need for a thing, but it is entirely something else to take the time to explain the core ingredients of an effective design for that thing.

Now if he had just written out a nicely stated change thesis ready for us all to use:) …

Progressive leadership thinking at its best at the link: 

Lead Change Group | What Is Your Change Thesis?

Enjoying some good leadership wisdom in the Heartland ….