Do Candles Burn Midnight Oil?

Double-headed candle“If candles were meant to be burned at both ends, the wick should extend out the bottom as far as it does on the top”



This is for all you hard-charging achievers:)

Some thoughts about the double-headed candle analogy:

1)  You may get quite a light, but it only lasts half as long.

2)  How do you hold that candle when the flames start to meet in the middle?

3)  What is left at the end?

Something to think about as you multi-task on the weekend:)

Trying to achieve a reasonable balance in the Heartland ….



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2 responses to “Do Candles Burn Midnight Oil?

  1. Again, you have me thinking John. Thank you.

    • Hi, David:)

      Well, I try … :)

      Best wishes to you up north for a happy and prosperous new year … keep those wonderful posts coming!

      BTW – have not forgotten your very nice nomination – just trying to find some blue ocean to catch up:)